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Overall Goal: To develop a comprehensive, integrated, and fully functional system of concrete pavement technologies that provides innovative solutions for customer-driven performance requirements for the concrete paving community.

The CP Road Map outlines 12 research tracks, numerous subtracks, and approximately 270 problem statements.

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Each of the 12 research tracks has several subtracks. Each subtrack includes one or more problem statements that describe needed research in more detail. Recent projects that are related to individual problem statements are briefly described.

  1. Materials and Mixes for Concrete Pavements
  2. Performance-Based Design Guide for New and Rehabilitated Concrete Pavements
  3. Intelligent Construction Systems and Quality Assurance for Concrete Pavements
  4. Optimized Surface Characteristics for Safe, Quiet, and Smooth Concrete Pavements
  5. Concrete Pavement Equipment Automation and Advancements
  6. Innovative Concrete Pavement Joint Design, Materials, and Construction
  7. Concrete Pavement Maintenance and Preservation
  8. Concrete Pavement Construction, Reconstruction, and Overlays
  9. Evaluation, Monitoring, and Strategies for Long-Life Concrete Pavements
  10. Concrete Pavement Foundations and Drainage
  11. Concrete Pavement Business Systems and Economics
  12. Concrete Pavement Sustainability