Track 11: Concrete Pavement Business Systems and Economics

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This track addresses business and economic issues in concrete paving. It has two main goals: (1) to address the management and financing of the Executive Committee functions, including innovative management systems, and (2) to address concrete pavement economics.

Activities to Date

  • Federal, State, and industry partners in this track are examining the outreach mechanisms available to promote ongoing research sharing, research findings, and education programs.
  • Webinars, blogs, and other web-based methods are being investigated as potential outreach mechanisms, especially in light of limited transportation funding to go to conventional conferences and workshops.
  • Research is underway to evaluate the impact of alternative bidding for asphalt-concrete solutions and to evaluate the effectiveness of incentives.
  • The team has made significant progress in developing effective accelerated technology transfer and rapid education programs for the future concrete paving workforce.


Research projects