Track 3: Intelligent Construction Systems and Quality Assurance for Concrete Pavements

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High-speed nondestructive testing and intelligent construction systems can continuously monitor pavement properties during construction to provide rapid feedback. As a result, automatic adjustments can ensure a high-quality finished product that meets performance specifications. The goal of this track is to develop nondestructive testing methods that use continuous and real-time sampling to monitor performance-related mix properties and reduce the number of human inspectors and improve construction operations.

Activities to Date

  • Research is underway to develop equipment performance specifications for a curing monitoring system similar to SmartCure.
  • State and industry partners are working to identify techniques and technologies to properly measure air-void system in the appropriate location on the paving operation.
  • Future research will assess real-time measurement needs and techniques for concrete mix properties and variability.


Research projects


  • Subtrack 1: Field Control
  • Subtrack 2: Nondestructive Testing Methods
  • Subtrack 3: Nondestructive Testing and Intelligent Control Systems Evaluation and Implementation