Track 4: Optimized Surface Characteristics for Safe, Quiet, and Smooth Concrete Pavements

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Under the surface characteristics track, the concrete pavement industry will work together to develop specifications and guidelines to design, construct, and maintain concrete pavements that are safe, comfortable, durable, and cost-effective. The goal is concrete pavements that invoke a pleasant human experience and address an array of societal needs.

Activities to Date

  • Industry, in collaboration with FHWA, developed a manual of better practices for constructing and texturing concrete pavements that was published and distributed in 2008.
  • The team is developing an Integrated Functional Classification System for concrete pavement surface characteristics
  • A project is in development to refine models to relate pavement texture to noise, friction, splash and spray, and other concrete pavement surface characteristics.
  • State and industry partners are developing a training program to improve surface characteristics through better practices in concrete pavement design, construction, and maintenance.


Research projects


  • Subtrack 1: Concrete Pavement Texture and Friction
  • Subtrack 2: Concrete Pavement Smoothness
  • Subtrack 3: Tire-Pavement Noise
  • Subtrack 4: Other Concrete Pavement Surface Characteristics
  • Subtrack 5: Integration of Concrete Pavement Surface Characteristics
  • Subtrack 6: Evaluation of Products for Concrete Pavement Surface Characteristics
  • Subtrack 7: Concrete Pavement Surface Characteristics Implementation