Track 1: Materials and Mixes for Concrete Pavements

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The goal of this track is to develop and deliver integrated tools and techniques for specifying, proportioning, and constructing concrete mixtures that meet the combined needs of owners and contractors: constructible, long lasting, sustainable, cost-efficient, and verifiable concrete mixtures for pavements. This topic is important because today's materials for concrete mixtures are changing rapidly as environmental, cost, and performance constraints become more stringent.

Activities to Date

  • FHWA is identifying improvements needed to enhance, coordinate, and simplify user interface(s) for mix design models (e.g., HIPERPAV, M-E PDG, COMPASS).
  • State DOTs are ensuring that critical new tests are implementation-ready (e.g., calorimetry heat signature equipment and procedures, coefficient of thermal expansion equipment, air-void analyzer equipment and testing procedure).
  • Industry, led by the American Concrete Pavement Association, is developing a comprehensive mix design manual that incorporates up-to-date modeling and testing information compiled by FHWA and state DOTs.


Research projects


  • Subtrack 1: PCC Mix Design Development and Integration
  • Subtrack 2: PCC Mix Design Laboratory Testing and Equipment
  • Subtrack 3: PCC Mix Design Modeling
  • Subtrack 4: PCC Mix Design Evaluation and Implementation


COMPASS Software available for free download at