Track 8: Concrete Pavement Construction, Reconstruction, and Overlays

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This track explores new and existing products and technologies that facilitate high-speed rehabilitation and construction of portland cement concrete pavements. The leadership team has chosen concrete overlays as its first area of focus.

Activities to Date

  • Led by industry, the Overlays committee published the Guide to Concrete Overlays, Second Edition in 2008.
  • A second manual is under development that focuses on design procedures for concrete overlays using best practices from existing methodologies.
  • The Concrete Overlay Field Application Program was implemented by States and industry to expand use and knowledge of concrete overlays across the country. Nine States participated in field projects in 2008; 11 more have projects planned in 2009.
  • Research is underway to solve construction technique limitations for concrete overlays.


Research projects


  • Construction, Reconstruction, and Overlay Planning and Simulation
  • Precast and Modular Concrete Pavements
  • Concrete Overlays
  • Fast-Track Concrete Pavements
  • Construction, Reconstruction, and Overlay Evaluation and Implementation